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Vacant positions on the Committee

2 May 2022 11:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I reckon that, over the past three or four years, I had been asked whether I would consider being a member of the BAV Committee on about half a dozen occasions. Last May I succumbed. A proposer and seconder were forthcoming, and I went forward as a candidate to be the subject of a vote at the AGM in June of last year.

As I reflect on that process one year later; do I have any regrets? No.

It was not until I became a committee member did I become aware of the impact that the BAV has in supporting members who may require assistance and the role it plays in providing resources to local charities. The monthly meetings involve the usual routine administrative and financial matters but it is the planning of events and activities to promote wellbeing and welfare which are the key elements of all meetings. Discussions can be lively but at the heart of all we do is the principle that we are here to do the right thing for all members.

The Committee is aware that as we approach the forthcoming AGM it is a time when members will consider whether to stand for election to one of the vacant positions on the committee. Please give it careful consideration. If, like me, you have any doubts, I can reassure you that for me being a committee member has been a very positive experience. 

There will be many members who have had valuable expertise in leading, or being part of, organisations, companies or charities; you may be one. The committee is very aware that there will be members who have a lot to offer but not sure if they want to take on any active role. I can assure you that there is a commitment, but it is not too onerous and what you may add to the BAV could well be invaluable.

So, please do not be like me and hesitate in coming forward. Being a committee member can be very rewarding. 

if you are not sure who to ask to propose or second your application, please get in touch, I would be only too pleased to support anyone who is keen to play an active role in the work of the BAV.

Philip Davies

British Association of the Var - 2021

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