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welfare & Wellbeing


As primarily a welfare organisation, the BAV is here to assist with a variety of demands and requests for help in times of unanticipated need.

We have established contacts within the French social and welfare system, and have developed a knowledge of everyday life within the French system - tax, housing, the utilities and a whole spectrum of topics that newcomers may encounter as they settle into French life.

However, we cannot supply answers or solutions to all situations, and experience has taught us to embrace the services of other approved agencies and, likewise, they know when to involve us. Hopefully, between us we can provide those in difficulty with a positive solution to their problem.

how our welfare team can help individuals

   Help establish individual’s status as resident or visitor
   Put people in touch with professionals who can provide specific help and expertise with their problems/difficulties 
   Visit people in hospital or at their home.
   If appropriate, attend meetings with Social Services Departments' Personnel
   Provide information on medical aids and advise if a doctor’s certificate will be required to facilitate a loan of larger items
   Offer assistance in obtaining home help if required
   If defined criteria are met, make funds available for those needing financial assistance. Alternatively, and depending on circumstances, introduce them to agencies which are better able to provide such assistance.

We are not an alternative to the French welfare system and we believe that full time resident British passport holders will become fiscally resident over here and join the French health system. Failure to join creates major problems and can delay assistance as the French bureaucratic system grinds through its predetermined procedures. We can however provide detailed guidance on those aspects necessary to live in the Var.

Need help or want to get involved ?

BAV Members can contact the Welfare Team Manager quickly and directly by phone or email using the contact details listed on our Useful-info page.

For non-members please use our contact form by clicking here and someone will be in touch as soon as possible


The BAV have historically provided a response system as described under Welfare, however we also have an innovative dimension in proactively working for Wellbeing.

We do this by reaching out to involve more members in welfare issues and by measures aimed at promoting members' physical health, safety and general feelings of security. Where possible, we want to arm members with guidance, to prevent something developing from an issue to a problem to a Welfare crisis.

We encourage activities involving varying degrees of physical exercise, such as golf, yoga , dance and walking groups, where of course the social interaction and fun also counteract feelings of isolation.

In addition, to help members become more informed and reassured on a range of health-related topics, we hold professional seminars on subjects such as Health Insurance, and Ear, Nose and Throat issues.

Other potentially worrying areas such as financial planning or the housing market have also been a focus of our wellbeing initiative

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